Research project leader - 4 years

4 years
R&D Waste Packages

Job description

We are currently looking for a research project leader to strengthen the unit “Research & Development Waste Packages”. This unit performs research on the long-term behaviour of various types of radioactive waste in final disposal conditions (vitrified, bituminised and cemented waste; spent fuel) and on the metal packaging in which they are contained.

The projects you will be involved in are large-scale projects in which various SCK•CEN research groups are involved. You will be the contact person for these projects for the part related to the conditioning of moderately active liquid waste streams.

In a first stage, your subproject will focus on developing a robust method to condition the liquid waste streams into cemented waste which fully complies with the ONDRAF/NIRAS acceptance criteria for this type of waste. Ordinary Portland cement and other sorts of cement as well as geopolymers qualify for this research. Subsequently, the accent will shift to scaling up the tests and carrying out the tests with real radioactive effluents. In the meantime, you will help designing and developing the future cementation installation. In the long run, you will have the opportunity to become the general person responsible for the cementation of intermediate-level radioactive liquid waste streams.

As a research project leader, you will mainly report to the people responsible for the projects and to the line management of involved research units. Within the team “R&D Waste Packages”, you will work jointly with scientists and lab technicians who are involved in the experimental part of the subproject. In order for the project to succeed, you will not only provide scientific guidance and follow-up, but also, if necessary, participate in the practical and experimental work in the lab.

More specifically, you will have the following duties:

  • You will be responsible for formulating the content, planning and budget of the project plans for the immobilisation of intermediate-level radioactive liquid waste in a cement matrix.  To this purpose you consult both the general project management and the colleagues with technical and/or scientific expertise in this field.
  • You coordinate and organise the various activities within the project depending on the priorities and skills of the team members as well as the needs of the project.
  • You manage the project team in terms of the division of tasks, timing and follow-up of activities, in order to achieve the objectives of the project. Therefore, you follow the consultation model. If needed, you assist the practical and experimental work in the lab.
  • You follow the objectives of the project closely and manage when needed. You identify factors and events which could slow down or put a stop to the project and anticipate them.
  • You are in charge of the oral and written reports of your subproject.

Required qualifications

  • Master’s Degree in civil engineering or a Master’s Degree in bio-engineering.
    • The following specialisations within civil engineering are preferred: chemistry, materials science, construction.
    • The following specialisations in biological engineering are preferred: environmental technology, interface chemistry.
  • Good knowledge of (inorganic) chemistry, process chemistry and/or materials science. Knowledge or background knowledge of cement chemistry and/or radiochemistry is certainly an asset.
  • Experience and great interest in managing projects.
  • You are very good at organising, for instance developing projects plans in concrete measurable objectives, working out plans, deploying the right resources and taking actions.
  • Working in an efficient and cost-conscious way is crystal clear to you.
  • You have strong problem-solving abilities. Therefore, you also pay attention to several alternatives and use information from different sources.
  • You are good at motivating others.
  • You have a strong sense of responsibility.
  • You have an affinity with scientific work.
  • Good communication and reporting skills, both in writing and orally.
  • A good command of English (reading, writing and speaking) is essential. Non-Dutch speakers should be prepared to acquire a minimum knowledge of the Dutch language in the short term.


Should you have any questions, please contact

Craninx An-Sofie
+32 (0)14 33 25 84