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Felice Mastroleo  Miquel Torres Oliver Greet Verstrepen  Maarten Bosmans Rafaël Fernandez

Doctor in

BR2 maintenance engineer

Gammaspectrometry laboratory technician

ICT system administrator

Head of MYRRHA
primary system design


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General vacancies

Project engineer m/f2019-01-18534
Specialist Cyber Security (m/f)2019-01-18588
IT infrastructure administrator (M/F)2019-01-18589
Engineer IT Infrastructure (M/F)2019-01-18608
Cyber Security Engineer (m/f)2019-01-18609
ICP-MS Engineer (m/f)2019-01-25570
Radiochemical analysis laboratory technician (m/f)2019-01-25571
Category buyer / Business partner2019-02-01603
Category manager/ Business partner2019-02-01622
Safety Engineer (m/f)2019-02-05579
Agent Stralingscontrole - Opvolging ontmantelingswerven (m/v)2019-02-06560
Radiation Control Agent (80%), backup filter test assistant operator (20%) (m/f)2019-02-06598
Hotlab Manager (m/f)2019-02-15582
Ontwerper - tekenaar2019-02-17584

MYRRHA vacancies

MYRRHA is one of SCK•CEN’s major projects for the future. Do you want to contribute to the realization of this new multi-purpose research reactor driven by a particle accelerator? Send your application or click here for more information.
Senior ISOL Physicist2019-01-18551
Beam-Optics Expert2019-01-18552
Licensing Manager2019-01-23338
Civil engineer/engineer-architect2019-01-25523
Design Engineer Myrrha2019-01-25583
Nuclear Safety Analyst Fracture Mechanics2019-01-25590
Nuclear Safety Analyst Validation Management2019-01-25591
Nuclear Safety Analyst Severe Accident2019-01-25592
Nuclear Safety Analyst CFD2019-01-25594
Technicus elektromechanica2019-02-01411
Senior ISOL Target Assembly Designer2019-02-01473
Accelerator System Engineer2019-02-01474
Electromechanical Engineer - collector-station2019-02-01546
electromechanical engineer - remote handling2019-02-01547
Instrumentation & Control Engineer2019-02-01548
Cryogenics System Engineer (m/f)2019-02-01561
Nuclear Engineer2019-02-28550