MYRRHA: an innovative research installation

A priority for Europe

The European Commission has been supporting MYRRHA since the project was launched through various scientific framework programmes. Europe considers MYRRHA an “international project with significant societal relevance”. MYRRHA plays a leading role in the development of a dynamic knowledge-based economy. The Belgian authorities’ investment in MYRRHA tallies with the Europe 2020 strategy to stimulate growth and employment.

MYRRHA helps our country to achieve the objectives of this ambitious plan: supporting innovation, strengthening industrial activities and reaching a low carbon economy with less greenhouse gas emissions. MYRRHA is also used for education and training: a new generation of nuclear scientists and engineers will be called on to participate in the creation of our future society.


Sustainable nuclear energy

MYRRHA fits perfectly within the European Commission’s strategic plan aimed at speeding up the development of low carbon energy technology. This technology plays a significant role in the fight against global warming and tries to secure a safe and independent energy supply for Europe. 

The new approach is focused on the development of joint programmes, better and optimized use of the space potential in Europe, but also on research, innovation and maximum exploitation of all internal market options. As an infrastructure that is unique around the world, MYRRHA focuses on research into nuclear waste treatment (transmutation), fissile materials for nuclear fission systems and fusion materials.