Medical radioisotope production


On december 3, 2014, various papers published a report about a rumour regarding a dispute in the context of negotiations about nuclear security between the United States, Europe and Russia. According to this report, the United States are considering stopping the supply of the uranium that is used in reactor BR2 of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre for the production of medical radioisotopes.

SCK•CEN is not directly involved in these negotiations, nor in the supply of uranium by the USA for the production of isotopes. The material SCK•CEN irradiates in reactor BR2 is supplied to us by the customer, who processes it further after irradiation.

The statements of the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control indicating that negotiations between the USA, Europe and Russia are developing positively are also consistent with the signals we are picking up.

The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre is currently not aware of any evidence that would suggest there could be any consequences for the production of medical radioisotopes in reactor BR2.

BR2 reactor in operation