SCK•CEN and IRSN renew collaboration


On November 5th 2014, SCK•CEN (the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre) and IRSN (Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire) signed a new framework cooperation agreement. This collaboration is actually the renewal for another 5 years of an on-going longstanding collaboration that was initiated in 2008.

The collaboration is the basis for a continued operation in the field on nuclear safety, radiation protection and nuclear waste management. This may include collaboration in joint studies and projects, the exchange of staff, trainings and information exchange, etc.

"This framework agreement will be the basis for specific collaboration agreements between SCK•CEN and IRSN. It confirms the result of years of collaboration between our two insitutions and renews the will to move forward on a number of scientific/technical areas that concern us both," explains Eric van Walle, Director-General of SCK•CEN.

A first bilateral collaboration agreement under this framework agreement was signed on the same occasion. This bilateral agreement outlines the collaboration between SCK•CEN and IRSN in the REGAL Program that focusses on the characterization of irradiated nuclear fuel rods. This Program will provide valuable experimental data on the actual composition of the nuclear fuel. These data are used to further improve the neutronic codes that are key simulation tools to operate existing and future nuclear power plants at the highest safety level.

SCKCEN - IRSN collaboration

From left to right:
Professor Derrick P. Gosselin, SCK•CEN Chairman
Professor Eric van Walle, SCK•CEN Director-General
Dr. Jacques Repussard, IRSN Director-General
Mrs. Dominique Le Guludec, IRSN Board of Directors Chairperson